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Visit London has all you need for a magical London experience. ...London Bridge is falling down falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling fair lady.. Build it up with iron bars, iron bars, iron bars Build it up with iron bars my fair lady.Build it up with gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver Build it up with gold and silver my fair lady. Take the key and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up Take the key and lock her up my fair lady...old nursery rhyme. “I love London, it is the one big city I could live in for a while. The British Museum is awesome, and it’s free! You can touch ancient Egyptian statues-how cool is that? I love Sainsbury’s (it’s a grocery shop), it’s sort of the British equivalent of Whole Foods. The London tube is easy to use, and fairly cheap, my kid loved to put her ticket in and get it out again at the turnstile. I saw Thackeray ’s house, and there’s loads of history to see just walking down the street, it’s amazing and we had delicious Italian food in London served by Bosnians.” American tourist from Boulder Colorado writing about a visit she had to London earlier this year. Visit London...then you have your own London memories...

Visit London. “Some of my favourite things in London: Portobello Road Market.. this tiny cafe/coffee shop in Notting Hill near the tube station, next to a movie theatre. . I went 3 times to get the best cappuccino I’ve ever had. Borough Market for yummy food on Saturdays.. V&A, Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Hyde Park, Marks&Spencers”…another young American visitor.

Big Ben, London Tower Bridge, London City Hall, London
Visit London Big Ben London
Visit London Tower Bridge London
Visit London City Hall London

Visit London and you realise that London has the largest amount of tourist attractions in Britain. Hundreds of attractions have free entry and where else in the world can you see this much free!. You can visit the superb British Museum, The Tate Modern, walk through Trafalgar Square under the gaze of Lord Nelson atop his column, go for a “flight” on British Airways London, or simply enjoy the great outdoors by walking through Hyde Park or another of London's numerous parks and green spaces. Between visits to your dentist you can find about about whats going on in Edinburgh here. - this is the ultimate site about Edinburgh and you will be certain to find something if you also need accommodation in Edinburgh.

Visit London

Visit London

Visit London - Big Ben, British Library, Buckingham Palace , Cabinet War Rooms, Dickens House, Gilbert Collection, Green Park , Guildhall Art Gallery Somerset House, Horse Guards Parade, Houses of Parliament.

Visit London-Theatreland, in the heart of London’s West End, is home to theatre, musicals, ballet and opera, and one of the world’s richest arrays of artistic quality and diversity. Stretching from Covent Garden to Aldwych and The Strand, the area is steeped in history and culture and it is easily negotiable on foot. With over 54 theatres and 60,454 seats in the West End, London’s Theatreland is one of the biggest tourist attractions in London, attracting around 11.5 million visitors each year. With so many theatres and so much cultural heritage the choice of route could be quite daunting, so one alternative is to take the guided tour organised by the Theatre Museum. Tours start each Saturday in front of the Museum in the heart of Covent Garden and last an hour and a half. Covering the history and culture of the area, including anecdotes from theatre icons including Nell Gwynne and actors such as David Garrick, the tour tells the story of the development of the area from the Restoration period to the present day. Tickets cost £5 adults, £4 concessions and £3 under 14s and can be booked in advance by calling +44 (0) 20 7943 4806. Visit for further information.

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